Taoist lineages

Taoist lineages can be classified by the following criteria:

1) By the geographical origin or area of influence of that school, for example, the Mo Shan school is so-named because it originates  from a mountain called Mo Shan ( located in the Jiangsu Province).The Complete Reality school belongs to  the North School because its influence was mainly limited to the area north of the Yangtze River during the Song-Yuan Dynasties.

2) By the names of its founders , for examples, Wu-Liu School is named after its two masters :

Wu Chong-Xu and Liu Hua-Yang .

3) By the method it adopts, for example , the Pre-Celestial School is so-called because it teaches people to situate their mind in  a meta-physical dimension of nowhere so as to attain the Pre-celestial qi … if you start by paying attention to your dantian in order to initialize some qi , then of course, hardly can your method be called Pre-Celestial because you are using an environmentally conditioned reasoning long after your birth to initialize some post-celestial qi in your body…


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